• Ticks: The Powassan Virus & Sawyer Insect Repellent

    May 16, 2017

    As the temperatures rise, so do concerns about ticks. Lyme Disease has tripled in the United States over the last 20 years, cementing tick borne diseases as a high concern for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, though treatable, have long been considered to be two of the largest concerns […]

  • Award: Backpackers’ Budget Pick for the Ultralight Backpacker

    March 3, 2017

    “In my opinion, it’s better in every way than every other water filter I’ve used.” – Jonathan Goldin The Sawyer MINI Water Filtration System is the ideal minimalist water purification method for any backpacking trip. Working hard as your intestine’s guardian against questionable sources of drinking water, the Sawyer MINI has got your back(side). It […]

  • Sawyer Insect Repellents and the Zika Virus

    February 2, 2016

    The spread of the Zika Virus is exploding in Central and South America.  There are no current vaccines or medications available for the virus, of which the infection rate is currently estimated at 1 in 5.   As much as 80% of the people infected by a simple mosquito bite may not exhibit any symptoms.  […]

  • Introducing the Sawyer Cleaning Coupling

    September 23, 2015

    The Sawyer Cleaning Coupling is our latest water filtration adapter that will allow you to backwash your Squeeze Filter with a plastic bottle.  This adapter is available for order individually.   See the video above for instructions on how to use it.

  • Consumer Reports Reviews Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent

    May 13, 2015

    Click on the above image or here to see what Consumer Reports had to recommend for DEET alternative insect repellents which includes our Picaridin Insect Repellent ! Sawyer Picaridin is not only effective against common disease carrying nuisances like mosquitoes and ticks, it also works better against flies than DEET.  Our Picaridin is safe to […]

  • 5 Must-Have Items For The Trail Recommended by Jennifer Pharr Davis

    May 11, 2015

    In Case You Catch A Case Of Reese Witherspoon This Season, Here Are 5 Must-Have Items For The Trail “Did you see Reese Witherspoon’s Wild? If you did, you probably have a case of hiking Wanderlust. If you didn’t, don’t bother — the real thing is way better. To help you live out your dreams of paving […]

  • Leave No Trace Partnership

    April 6, 2015

    Sawyer is Proud to Announce a New Partnership with Leave No Trace. Safety Harbor, FL – April 6th, 2015 – Sawyer, the leader in outdoor protection, is proud to announce a new partnership with the nonprofit organization Leave No Trace.  Their mission is “to protect the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it […]

  • Sawyer MINI earns 2014 Best Buy in Filter Review by OutdoorGearLab

    September 9, 2014

    “An adaptable, lightweight, and compact water filter, the Sawyer Mini is a useful personal water treatment system that is very inexpensive. It can be used as a straw or inline in a water reservoir, making it more useful than other straw-style filters. Weighing only 1.4 ounces and costing around $25, this filter easily takes our […]