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August 6, 2021  |  Featured  |  Insect Repellents

Wirecutter: Wirecutter’s 100 Most Popular Picks of July

Wirecutter’s 100 Most Popular Picks of July

It’s no surprise that all things summertime made our list of the most popular Wirecutter picks for the month of July. Air conditioners! Water bottles! Sunscreen! And, of course, fresh, delicious ice cream: We hope that everyone who bought our ice-cream maker pick also read our article on how to make excellent ice cream at home and is enjoying the fruits of their labor. (Psst: Whether you’re scooping homemade or store-bought, our favorite ice cream scoop will likely become one of your most-loved kitchen gadgets. It’s smooth and easy to clean, and it makes picture-perfect cones every time.)

If you’re viewing this article on a desktop, start from the top left to find the most popular pick, move one spot to the right to find the second most popular, and once you’ve made it across, start on the left again in the following row—the top hundred are listed in descending order. If you’re on mobile or a tablet, the list should appear in order from top (most popular) to bottom.

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