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July 6, 2021  |  Featured  |  Insect Repellents

New York Times: Wirecutter: Wirecutter’s 100 Most Popular Picks in June

Wirecutter’s 100 Most Popular Picks in June

Wirecutter readers have wasted no time building their summer toolkits now that the heat is in full swing. In June, our readers purchased air conditioners to battle the high temps and bought water bottles to keep themselves hydrated when they ventured outdoors. Sun protection—including sunglasses (round, vintage-style frames were a top choice to block out the rays) and well-priced sunscreens—also ranked high on readers’ lists.

If you’re viewing this article on a desktop, start from the top left to find the most popular pick, move one spot to the right to find the second most popular, and once you’ve made it across, start on the left again in the following row—the top hundred are listed in descending order. If you’re on mobile or a tablet, the list should appear in order from top (most popular) to bottom.

Explore Wirecutter’s most popular picks for your summer toolkit here:

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