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September 18, 2020  |  Tips & Guides  |  Insect Repellents

Wirecutter: See Out the End of Summer with These 5 Deals

See Out the End of Summer with These 5 Deals

Next week, summer will officially be over—but you still have time to get the most out of the final days of the season. Whether that means packing up the car for one last beach trip, hiking your favorite trail, or sitting out back with a chilled glass of white wine, you’ll need the right gear to make your time outdoors (or indoors, if you prefer to hide from the lingering heat) enjoyable. Here are the best deals we’ve found for everyone still clinging to the dog days of summer.


A powerful bug repellent

Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent (24-Ounce)
Deal price: $12; street price: $15

The worst part of summer is, without a doubt, the pesky mosquitoes. They can make an otherwise enjoyable late-summer gathering around the campfire downright miserable. Say goodbye to those suckers by spraying your clothes down with Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent beforehand. This odorless repellent, which comes in a bottle with an easy-to-control spray trigger, is also supremely effective at stopping ticks. You don’t apply this spray directly to skin—instead, you cover your clothes and gear with it. The repellent will maintain its protection through up to six washings. Although we’ve seen better deals in the past, we still think this is a good deal on a worthwhile item to have if you plan to spend the rest of the summer, and even the fall, out in the woods or your backyard.

Read the full list from The New York Times Wirecutter by Elissa Sanci here:

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