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Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology

With the technology derived from kidney dialysis, we partnered with a fiber manufacturer to actually improve the hollow fiber membrane technology. In order to improve both the filtration rates and longevity of the filter, our team was dedicated to engineering something even more precise and rugged.To make it a superior solution, the fiber composition had to deliver exactly 0.1 & 0.02 micron filtration 100% of the time to ensure no bacteria would get through. Moreover, the membranes had to be sturdy enough to withstand backwashing which allows the filter to be cleaning and reused.

Our proprietary water filters are comprised of tiny “U” shaped micro-tubes that allow water to enter into their core through minuscule micro-pores. Contaminates get trapped in the tubes while the decontaminated water passes freely through. The high number of those tiny tubes and their significant surface area allow the filter to have one of the fastest flow rates available in the world. This high flow rate makes our filters easily utilized as point-of-use solutions, which has eliminated the need to store water – one of the leading causes of contaminated water throughout the world.


0.1 and 0.02 Microns

Each Sawyer filter is certified for ABSOLUTE microns; that means there is no pore size larger than 0.1 or 0.02 micron in size. This makes it impossible for harmful bacteria, protozoa, or cysts like E. coli, Giardia, Vibrio cholerae and Salmonella typhi (which cause Cholera and Typhoid) to pass through the Sawyer PointONE™ biological filter. At 7 log (99.99999%) the filter attains the highest level of filtration available today.

If viruses are an issue, we offer the Point ZeroTWO Purifier (0.02 micron absolute pores). This is the first portable purification device to physically remove viruses. And it does it at a >5.5 log (99.9997%) rate, exceeding EPA and NSF recommendations.


Sawyer International

Sawyer water filters are being used by millions of people in over 80 developing countries for their daily clean water needs. Our simple to use, effective and easily transportable systems are the most commonly used portable filtration system in natural disasters, refugee camps, and by non-profits doing development work.

It's More Than Just Water

Join us on our mission to bring clean water around the world. Click below to learn more or text SAWYER to 41444.

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  • Q: ViewCan I backwash a BeFree Filter the same way Sawyer Filters are backwashed?

    No.  Sawyer Hollow Fibers are much stronger than those used by Katadyn so backwashing a BeFree with a Sawyer backwashing plunger will more than likely damage the fibers.

  • Q: ViewHow do I prevent my pouch from bursting?

    Sawyer filters have very strong fibers (see Fiber Strength Study) and are capable of handling up to 40 PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) of pressure.  When clean, Sawyer Filters only need 1 to 2 PSI of pressure to flow freely.  As the fibers collect particulates, the pressure to move water through will increase as the particulates create barriers to water flow.

    Sawyer pouches are designed to handle up to 7 PSI of pressure before bursting. This in most cases allows for a large amount of water to be used before filter cleaning is necessary. Therefore the pouches will not burst so long as the filters are reasonably clean.  However most people are capable of generating much more than 7 PSI of pressure and so if the filter is not clean, the pouches are more likely to burst when squeezing too hard.  The more particulates in the water the sooner a filter will clog and need to be cleaned.

    Sawyer’s new light weight soft pouches offer the same bursting strength of 7 PSI as the heavier legacy pouches.  The new light weight pouches are just as strong as the thicker legacy pouches but are easier to squeeze because the softer material offers less resistance.  With a lower pouch resistance the 7 PSI burst limit is reached more easily.

    To protect your pouch – maintain a clean filter and be aware of pressure build up against a dirty filter.

  • Q: ViewAre there any long term storage instructions for the Select filter or purifier?

    You can store the bottle with either the Micro Squeeze filter or included white cap screwed on top of the bottle. The proprietary ingredients in the foam will make sure that your foam does not grow bacteria or develop an odor. Please do not compress these systems for long term storage. Store your bottles fully expanded to ensure that you do not inadvertently shorten their life.

    If you want to dry out your bottle for packing weight reasons (it can save approximately one ounce), store in a dry room with the lid removed and the moisture will eventually evaporate out. Be aware that after you dry the bottle out, your first bottle will produce much less water than normal since our foam is hydrophilic (meaning it attracts water) and will want to hold onto some no matter how hard you squeeze. Repeat steps for first use when you want to use your filter again.

  • Q: ViewHow do I store this Select filter when not in use?

    The foam inside the bottle is meant to be stored fully expanded to achieve the advertised lifespan of the system. To do this simply unscrew the Micro Squeeze filter and let air back into the bottle after you are done filtering water. The foam will naturally compress in size over the life of the system but if the foam is stored compressed for long periods of time, the foam can be permanently deformed. Long term compression can shorten the life of the foam filter/purifier.  We recommend storing your Select system filled with water. When possible, use distilled or non-chlorinated water. Storing the bottle full will help prevent mold from growing on the walls of the bottle while it is not in use.

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