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July 8, 2020  |  Tips & Guides  |  Water Filtration

The Trek: Our Colorado Trail Gear Lists: The Comforts and Details

Photo courtesy of The Trek

Our Colorado Trail Gear Lists: The Comforts and Details

For the most part, our gear has been accumulated through trial and error. For example, Legs went through multiple rain jackets while on the A.T. but not because he found he had a preference for something else but because it broke and he needed something else.

Legs says, “My brand loyalty comes from the products not failing me. If I have something it’s because it lasts and has worked for me, not because it’s the newest or lightest or cheapest. I respect companies that make gear that lasts. Because when you’re 15 miles from the nearest town in a thunderstorm and your zipper breaks, you really start thinking about what brands have failed you.”

Sawyer Micro Squeeze

The best on the market for the rate of flow, weight, and effectiveness. There’s so many water filter options out there (I actually started with iodine tablets for my first few weeks on the A.T.) and this one is consistent and my hands don’t go numb squeezing ice water through my filter for ten minutes!


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