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December 2, 2019  |  News  |  Water Filtration

The Dyrt: 17 Best Gifts for Backpackers to Wait Out the Shoulder Season

17 Best Gifts for Backpackers this Holiday Season

Maybe you’ve just settled in to the shoulder-season slump between backpacking trips in the warmer months—or perhaps you know someone who has. Either way, the slow wait until those long weekends in the backcountry shouldn’t be a painful one. Picking up near and necessary gear items fills the time beautiful, and gives you or a loved one just enough excitement to hold you over till you can get back out there.

We’ve collected some of the best gifts for backpackers that are sure support your local thru-hiker while they ready themselves for their next trip. From beautifully-crafted notebooks under $20 to lightweight packable clothing items, these gifts are sure to fill any backpacker’s pack with cheer.

See the full list of gifts by Kevin Johnson on The Dyrt’s website here:

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