Permethrin: Odorless Clothing Repellent As Effective As 100% DEET

sawyer-hikers-smWhen it comes to wearing insect repellents, the industry has it all backwards. Most of us, when protecting ourselves from insects will rush to a skin repellent. But the truth is, you can treat your clothing with a repellent first, only then having to protect the limited areas of exposed skin with a skin repellent, limiting your exposure to the harsh chemicals. Sawyer Permethrin, is engineered to be an odorless barrier of insect repellent that is proven as effective as 100% DEET. Sawyer Permethrin was developed from, and is the artificial analog of, naturally occurring pyrethrum from chrysanthemum flowers. Simply put, it is an odorless preventative repellent that also kills ticks and mosquitoes on contact and it remains proficient in all clothing up to six washings.

Sawyer Permethrin repellents are specially formulated so not to stain or damage your clothing, other fabrics, gear and equipment, including plastics or finished surfaces. It’s odorless after drying, and one application to your clothing can last up to 6 washings. Permethrin was created to chemically bond itself to the fabric fibers as a part of the drying process. This unique fiber bonding allows the Permethrin molecules to keep on working to defend you, even through the roughest days outdoors and with repeated washings.

Although Lyme disease accounts for the majority of diagnosed tick-borne disease cases, there are several other important illnesses that can be transmitted from a tick bite. In the United States, more insect-borne diseases are transmitted by ticks than by any other insect. A bloodthirsty tick can carry many different pathogens, including bacteria, rickettsia, viruses, protozoa and parasites; and Sawyer Permethrin is engineered to kill every known species of tick in the world.

Are you camping in a nylon (synthetic) tent or under mosquito netting? Be sure to treat bedding or tent netting, flaps and zippers with a Sawyer Permethrin spray to keep flying and crawling insects away at night.

Before your next hunting or fishing trip, or before your next great adventure; protect yourself from insect-borne diseases by using a Sawyer Permethrin repellent.

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