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October 5, 2020  |  Tips & Guides  |  Water Filtration

TechnoBuffalo: Best backpacking water filters in 2020

Best backpacking water filters in 2020

Backpacking water filters offer a top-tier way to ensure that you can trust running water from streams or creeks while you’re hiking or camping. It means you don’t have to panic if you run out of water from home, and means you won’t need to fuss with boiling water just to know that it is safe to drink.


A gallon at a time

Sawyer products gravity water filtration system

Once you’ve made camp and you have time to sit down and filter water for the rest of the night, you want something you can trust. Sawyer products have a gravity water filtration system that’s perfect for these circumstances. They feature 0.1 micron filtering and have a capacity of 1 gallon. They also include a dual threaded mini so you can fill the bladder and then move it, so that you can use water for refilling bottles or cooking, with some peace of mind.

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