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November 20, 2020  |  Tips & Guides  |  Water Filtration

Task & Purpose: 6 camping water filters to keep you hydrated in any clime and place

6 camping water filters to keep you hydrated in any clime and place

What’s the most important thing to pack when you step off for a hike, camping trip, or field exercise? Famed collegiate football player and hydration expert Robert Boucher Jr. will tell you it’s none other than high-quality H2O. Water might not always be the single most critical thing on your list, but it’s certainly near the top, so you better have plenty. Notice we said to have plenty – not to pack plenty – because water is also very heavy. If you want a gallon a day, that’s more than eight pounds you need to lug around, not to mention all those empty containers. You’re much better off packing a hydration bladder or water bottle and a water filter to turn every stream and lake into your own water fountain.

Being able to purify water on the go isn’t just a great way to reduce your pack’s weight: it’s a reliable, sustainable way to stay hydrated for as long as you need.


Sawyer Products mini water filtration system

Don’t let the Sawyer Products miniature filtration system’s size fool you; it just might be the last camping water filter you ever need. The filter weighs two ounces and fits in the palm of your hand. Either fill the bag with dirty water or attach the straw to drink right from the source. The enclosed hollow-fiber membrane is rated at 0.1 microns, making it almost completely effective at filtering out bacteria, protozoa, and cysts. Buy with confidence, knowing that every filter that leaves the factory is tested at three points in the manufacturing process for quality control. Each filter is disposable, but with a lifespan of an impressive 100,000 gallons, you’ll probably never need to replace it. Bottoms up!

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