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October 9, 2020  |  Reviews  |  Water Filtration

Skyliners: Lifestraw Vs Sawyer Mini: Which is Better?

Lifestraw Vs Sawyer Mini

IN A HURRY? Our top pick is the Sawyer Mini!

If you’re going to be spending time way out in the wilderness or backpacking through foreign countries, access to clean water can make or break your trip.

In fact, your life may depend on it! Don’t find yourself in a bad situation. Equip your travel kit with a portable water filter that allows you to drink without fear of E.coli or other water-born demons!

Here are the top two water filtration straws on the market: the Lifestraw and the Sawyer Mini. Basically, these filtration systems are straws that clean out the bad stuff as you sip.

Once the water hits your mouth, it’s clean and free of dangerous organisms that can make you sick!

Initially, the Lifestraw and the Sawyer Mini may appear exactly the same. However, they are about as different as they could be! Which is better?

Find the detailed comparison written by Breana here:

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