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July 12, 2021  |  Featured  |  Water Filtration

Single Tracks: MTB Product Picks for Hot Weather Riding

MTB Product Picks for Hot Weather Riding

Summer is upon us. Temperatures are rising, so don’t get caught with the wrong gear! Our retail partners have everything you need to have fun in the sun and still stay cool.

Handup Summer LITE Gloves –$32.00

Sweaty hands don’t grip. These are some of the lightest gloves you can find, and even if they don’t feel cool, they look it.

Ride Concepts Coasters – $60.00

Nothing feels better after a ride in the sun than taking your shoes off back at the trailhead.

Fidlock Magnetic Water Bottles – $49.99

Keep those water bottles in place without a cage. It’s like magic! Read more.

Tailwind Endurance Fuel – $20.00

Stay away from bonk town with Tailwind’s endurance mix, with flavors like green tea buzz, Colorado cola, or an unflavored mix. Read mo

Topeak Versa Bike Mount (2 Pieces per Set) 20-60mm – $9.95

Need MOAR water? Use these to add another bottle mount to your frame or fork.

Showers Pass Apex Merino Tech T-shirt – $75.00

Cut down the stink with a cool merino jersey. Men’s and women’s styles available. Read more.

Niterider Lumina Micro 900 Light – $74.99

Get out for a dawn patrol or night ride to beat the heat.

Men’s QUEST Sleeveless Jersey – $50.00

Who says sleeveless jerseys are only for triathletes? Not us, especially when it’s hot out.

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System – $24.95 | $19.97 sale

Prepare for cooler high alpine adventures with a lightweight water filter. Read more.

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