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November 18, 2020  |  Tips & Guides  |  Water Filtration

She Dreams of Alpine: 29 of the Best Gifts for Backpackers (2020 Gift Guide)

29 of the Best Gifts for Backpackers (2020 Gift Guide)

While we also have an epic list of best gifts for hikers, I thought it was worth separating out some of the best gifts for backpackers as well. Sure, many of the gifts that hikers would like are similar to the gifts that backpackers would like, but there are some additional items that the backpacker in your life may love even more.

This list could be a beast, in fact, backpacking is one of those things I pride myself in knowing a lot about (I’m a backpacking coach, after all. Want to learn more? Join my waitlist for my one-of-a-kind Backpacking Program), but I’d like to keep this list a bit shorter for now… to really hone in on those extra special gift items.

You’ll be pleased to know, that it is actually really easy to shop for the outdoor adventurer in your life. We are pretty rough on our gear, taking it out into the elements and pushing it to the limits, that eventually we need new gear, and we are never sad about testing out things we haven’t tried before. Perhaps it might be our next favorite item in our backpack.

So let me help you out. If you’ve got a friend, relative, or partner who really loves backpacking and you are feeling stumped on what to get them, I’m going to break out my backpacking gift ideas into 4 different sections:

1. Gifts for backpackers under $25 (for those of you on a budget)

2. Best gifts for backpackers to keep them safe

3. Best backpacking essential gifts

4. Best unique backpacking gift ideas

In the end, don’t stress out too much. If your backpacking friend or family member is anything like me, we are easily pleased. We enjoy the simple things in life.

We only want this kind of stuff to help our journey be a little bit more comfortable, and in the end, we just want to spend more time outside. Heck, buy us a new set of wool socks and some Lara Bars. We will still love you.

Better yet, come backpacking with us. Let’s go on an adventure together…

That would be MY ultimate gift. 🙂 Explore Allison’s complete gift guide here:

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