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August 30, 2021  |  Featured  |  Water Filtration

Popular Science: How to avoid camping with snakes, and other valuable outdoor lessons

Sometimes you’ve just got to sit and think about what you’ve done. Kalen Emsley / Unsplash

How to avoid camping with snakes, and other valuable outdoor lessons

Everyone makes mistakes, but what’s most important is how you learn from them.

At the end of every exhausting, multi-day trek, I ask myself a simple question: How could I have been better prepared?

On my first overnight hike, I didn’t understand the danger of cotton clothing (when it gets wet, it stays wet and doesn’t insulate) and got a touch of hypothermia. Years later, on a late-fall trip, the temperatures dropped so severely that it was the first time I recognized that my 10-year-old, ostensibly 30-degree sleeping bag was no longer insulating against near-freezing temperatures. There have been other great blunders: failing to pack my clothing and sleeping bag in a waterproof sack, resulting in all my gear taking on rainwater (and weight); failing to pack a backup water container, which was problematic when my water bladder sprung a leak; failing to adequately plan secondary shelter while hiking during a storm.

But in all that failing, I’ve found many important answers to my end-trip question, which usually allows for important corrections on future adventures. You can read all of the outdoor trips tips and tricks written by Noah Lederman here:

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