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July 27, 2020  |  Tips & Guides  |  Water Filtration

Popular Mechanics: The Best Backpacking Water Filters, Tested

via Popular Mechanics

The Best Backpacking Water Filters, Tested

Drink clean water anywhere.

Water is the stuff of life, and when you’re exploring in the backcountry, having access to clean H2O is vital. For that, you need a portable water filter. Unlike many home units, systems designed for backpackingcamping, and hiking are equipped to remove bacteria, protozoa, and sometimes viruses, too. They also sift out particulate matter and can neutralize funky tastes, so you can chug with confidence.

The Difference Between Filters and Purifiers (And How They Work)

Water treatment is often lumped into one category—filters—but there are also purifiers, which remove viruses, too. On the surface, more protection sounds better, but the level you need depends on where you’re going. Water-borne viruses aren’t a threat in the U.S., Canada, parts of Europe, and Australia, so a filter is just fine. If you’ll be traveling elsewhere overseas, pack a purifier.


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