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Medium: Insect Repellent for Field Professionals – Picaridin, Permethrin, DEET & Natural Home Remedies

Insect Repellent for Field Professionals: Picaridin, Permethrin, DEET & Natural Home Remedies

When you work outdoors, insects are part of the job description — especially if you are a field professional. Depending on the location of the job, the insects you encounter can range from mildly annoying to potentially dangerous.

Choosing the right insect repellent is a necessity.

Whether you choose a natural remedy, synthetic repellent, or good old-fashioned DEET bath, here are some products and factors to keep in mind.

See the full article by Baseline Equipment on Medium’s website here: https://medium.com/@BaselineEquipment/insect-repellent-for-field-professionals-picaridin-permethrin-deet-natural-home-remedies-64291b8eb92c

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