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May 11, 2021  |  Featured  |  Water Filtration

MatadorNetwork: The ultimate summer backpacking gear guide for newbies

The ultimate summer backpacking gear guide for newbies

ADMIT IT — YOU feel a serious spike in stoke level when you purchase a new piece of gear. It could be a small item, like a sleeping bag liner or a merino T-shirt, or a bigger one, like a tent or backpack, that could completely revolutionize your trekking experience. There’s just something so satisfying about building out your gear setup. Trekking equipment is also an ideal gift for the outdoorsy people in your life. It can make the difference between a good outdoor experience and a bad, or downright risky, one. Here’s all the gear you need to ensure you’re properly prepared for the best summer backpacking trips this year.

Getting prepared for summer

While trekking is the ultimate adventure during long summer days, optimizing the trip takes proper planning and the right gear. Being unprepared is the fastest way to ruin the journey for yourself and everyone in your group. You’re going to need additional gear than you would for a typical day hike, including multiple layers of clothing, camping supplies, and food. But if you’ve never gone backpacking before and agreed to join your buddies without knowing what you were getting into, never fear: we’ve compiled the ultimate gear guide for beginning trekkers.

When planning for your trip, take note of the fact that every trek is different in certain ways. On guided treks, the host company should offer a list of required materials, along with some additional comfort items or specialty gear they’d recommend. They may even offer rentals of certain items that are tough to take on a plane, such as trekking poles or crampons. On unguided hikes, it’s up to you to know what you need. This list will get you set up for success no matter where you’re heading this summer. Everything here can be purchased online or at a quality outdoor outfitter.

Follow along here to read about the ultimate summer backpacking gear written by Tim Wenger:

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