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Effective for 6 Weeks or 6 Washes

Sawyer Permethrin is an insect repellent treatment similar to the natural pyrethrins produced by Chrysanthemum-like flowers and can be applied to clothing, gear, tents, and fabrics.  Once the treatment has fully dried it is ready for use, repelling and killing mosquitoes and ticks for 6 weeks or 6 washes.

Treat your Gear

Odorless After Drying

Once the insect repellent has dried, it is completely odorless and will last for 6 weeks or 6 washes.


This fabric insect repellent treatment does not harm fabrics or finishes and can be used to treat clothing, footwear, workwear, bibs, canvas, work-stations, seat covers, dog beds, hammocks, chairs, tents, camping gear, mosquito netting, nets, outside of sleeping bags, backpacks, ground cloths, and other fabrics.

Safe for use on Dogs

See the full application instructions for use on dogs at


  • Q: ViewHow do I use Permethrin safely?

    Permethrin is to be applied to clothing and material. It works by bonding to the fibers. When a tick or other insect comes into contact with the Permethrin, it absorbs a dose that will either repel or kill the insect. You apply Permethrin using an aerosol or trigger spray until the fabric is damp and then allow it to dry. Permethrin is easy to use and the resulting layer of protection is very important to your safety from insect-borne diseases.

  • Q: ViewHow long does Permethrin last?

    At the concentration level delivered in the aerosol, non-aerosol pump sprays and soak systems (all at 0.5% Permethrin), an application lasts for six weeks and through six washings. Permethrin breaks down through exposure to air (oxygen) and sunlight (ultraviolet light). If you store the clothes in black plastic bags between uses, you can extend the time of effectiveness; however, always retreat after the sixth laundering. Permethrin may also be used on sleeping bags, tents and nettings.

  • Q: ViewDoes Permethrin work against mosquitoes?

    Yes. Permethrin clothing treatments, when applied following Directions for Use, have been determined to have “spatial repellency” against mosquitoes. This means that mosquitoes will swarm around you, but not light on your treated clothing and bite.

    Also use an EPA registered repellent, such as the Sawyer® microencapsulated Controlled Release 20% DEET, on all exposed skin for further protection from biting and blood sucking mosquitoes.

    The combination of Permethrin on clothing and DEET repellent on skin forms an “Insect Repellent System.” When used as directed on the EPA registered labels, the Insect Repellent System will provide the best protection from biting, blood sucking and disease carrying insects. A well known study conducted by Tom Lillie, Carl Schreck and A. J. Rahe in Alaska in 1987, showed 99.9% effectiveness against mosquitoes biting at a rate of more than 1,100/hr. This protection is far greater than either a DEET based insect repellent or Permethrin can achieve alone.

  • Q: ViewHow harmful is the wet Permethrin right after applying it to clothing?

    The directions for applying permethrin from the aerosol can to clothing state that the fabric should be allowed to dry before wear or handling. However, contact with the wet material should pose minimal concern but should be washed off. The amount of permethrin available for skin absorption is very low and is not expected to cause adverse effects.

  • Q: ViewHow much Permethrin comes off the clothing when laundered?

    A strong bond is formed between permethrin and most fabrics. In fact, some insect repellency was observed in military uniforms following 50 launderings. However, the uniforms were treated using an absorption method instead of the aerosol can. In studies performed by the U.S. Army, about 20 to 30 percent of the permethrin treatment was removed after the first laundering. Thereafter, about 3 to 5 percent was lost to each cycle through ten launderings.

  • Q: ViewCan I use Permethrin on my cat or dog?

    Sawyer Permethrin can be used on dogs but is toxic around cats until it has dried. Permethrin can last up to 6 weeks on your dog depending on the hair type and length, visit to learn more.

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