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March 30, 2021  |  Tips & Guides  |  Water Filtration

LifeHacker: Bikepacking Essentials for Your Next Outdoor Trek

Bikepacking Essentials for Your Next Outdoor Trek

If you’re thinking of hitting the trails for a single night bikepacking trek or a multi-day tour, here are the core essentials you need.

In theory, with enough leg power and determination, you can go just about anywhere for a day trip on a mountain bike, enjoying the sights and joys of the great outdoors along the way. But what if you want to go further and for longer? That’s when you start a bikepacking adventure.

Hang on a second. Bikepacking? Am I strapping a bike to my back or something?

You can do that if you really want to – I certainly won’t judge – but the core of bikepacking is the idea of taking gear with you that you could use for camping and survival in as lightweight a way as is feasible. A bikepacking trek could take be just a single night’s stay with plenty of riding over two days, or a multi-day trek, although clearly in the case of longer trips, you’d need to take more gear with you.

It’s no good simply strapping on your helmet and hitting the trails without any preparation at all, and there is some bikepacking gear that it’s actually smart to take with you even if you only plan on a short day ride — you never know when conditions might change. If you found yourself suddenly stuck in the great outdoors, you have to think about survival and comfort well before you engage in more intriguing outdoor pursuits such as astrophotography.

Preparation is key, and the gear you need for a bikepacking trek in winter will differ from summer. As will the needs for tackling different terrain types, which may also determine the best bike or tyres to take with you as well.

Curious of what you should consider taking on a bikepacking trip? Read here for some tips and tricks written by Alex Kidman:

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