Agua Pura Project

With the simple act of turning on a tap, we can access clean drinking water. Unfortunately, this is not the case for children in rural areas of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. Even though these areas have plenty of water in rivers and streams, it is very dirty, as it flows down from the mountains and carries lots of bacteria.

Contours Travel has joined forces with Rotary Club of North Melbourne and created Agua Pura Project. Through Agua Pura, Contours Travel donates water filters to villages and communities located high in The Andes in Peru. The Sawyer Filter is such a simple device to set up that Ted realized it would be very effective to use in the Sacred Valley of Peru. “We didn’t have to build wells or complicated mechanical devices because the water filter is so fine and small it can be used with just an ordinary bucket”, says Ted.

Agua Pura is a self-funding project that aims to deliver 500 water filters in rural Peru. Contours Travel’s clients, Rotarians, travel agents, friends, family, corporations and the public in general can donate 50 dollars for each water filter they want to send. Agua Pura, through the Rotary Club in Cuzco, jointly distributes the water filters with three local NGO’s that know and work with schools in remote villages.

If you would like to be a part of Agua Pura Project, please, donate here. You can also help by transporting a water filter kit yourself. With just 10cm long and less than 250 grams, the kit includes everything they need to attach the filter to any plastic bucket or container. Those who are traveling can carry it from Australia to Peru in their main luggage (as one of the pieces is metal and will not be allowed in the cabin.).

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Agua Pura Project


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