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December 16, 2019  |  News  |  Water Filtration

HiConsumption: The 20 Best Gifts For The Hiker

The 20 Best Gifts For The Hiker

The outdoors, even when the weather is nice, can wreak havoc on all your trail-ready gear. Even the most well-built boots, backpacks, shirts, pants, etc. can’t stand up to the punishment for too long. And while it’s sometimes a shame to have to find new gear, it’s also an excellent opportunity in the holiday shopping season.

If you know any avid outdoorsmen who are in desperate need of some new equipment, you’re in luck — that’s exactly what this gift guide is comprised of. Whether they’re striking out on a long-term through-hike, like the AT or PCT — or they’re a weekend warrior with a taste for short day trips, these are the 20 best gifts for the hiker.

See the full list by Sean Tirman on HiConsumption’s website here:

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