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November 22, 2019  |  News  |  Water Filtration

Forbes: Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – The Best Gift Ideas For Sustainable Travelers

Exploring new places on bike is far more eco-friendly than renting a car

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The Best Gift Ideas For Sustainable Travelers

Sustainable travel may seem like just a buzzword to some, but the movement has caught serious momentum in the last few years. With concerns about the impact of travel ranging from airplane CO2 emissions to ecological damage to overtourism in small towns and cities, more and more travelers are making conscious choices to minimize their travel footprints. That may include cutting down on air travel, exploring cities by bike instead of car or avoiding single-use items in favor of reusable alternatives. If you know someone who prioritizes both exploring new destinations and being as low-impact of a traveler as possible, consider one of the gifts below. Many of the companies below are certified B-Corps, which means they’ve met very high standards for environmental and community sustainability.

Here are some of the best gift ideas for sustainable travelers, starting at just $20.

See the full list by Suzie Dundas on Forbes’ website here:

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