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November 6, 2020  |  Tips & Guides  |  Insect Repellents

Food52: The Very Best Camping Gear, According to Soooo Many Reviews


The Very Best Camping Gear, According to Soooo Many Reviews

16 essentials to rest easy in the great outdoors.

In our oh-so busy digital world, I’ve found that one of the most relaxing things you can do on vacation is truly disconnect. And what better way to get off the grid than heading out into the woods for a summer camping excursion?

Personally, I love camping (even if I don’t do it as much as I’d like!). There’s something so calming about sleeping under the stars and relaxing in nature—without Wi-Fi or video games to distract you.

However, if you’re planning your first-ever camping trip, you might not know what gear to buy and bring with you. Luckily, there are thousands of avid outdoorspeople who are more than happy to share their thoughts on popular equipment. To that end, here’s a list of some of the most highly rated camping gear that’s sure to make your trip a success.


When You’re Trying To Thrive In The Wilderness

Don’t just get by on your camping trip—live your best life! You’ll need these essential tools to avoid bug bites, roast lots of marshmallows, and stay comfy in the woods.

8. Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent

Reviews: 4,500+
Rating: 4.3 stars

Chances are you’re not wearing bug spray to bed, so unless you want to wake up covered in itchy bug bites, be sure to pack some permethrin spray for your gear. When applied to fabrics (such as your clothing, tent, and sleeping bag), this chemical will keep bugs like ticks and mosquitos away. The best part? It lasts for up to six washes or 40 days, so you won’t have to reapply constantly.

Browse Camryn Rabideau’s compilation of 16 camping essentials here:

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