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September 3, 2021  |  Featured  |  Water Filtration

FlyLords: 7 Pieces of Gear to Enhance Your Camping and Fishing Trips

7 Pieces of Gear to Enhance Your Camping and Fishing Trips

Every once in a while I’ll come across a new product, tool, or gadget that really gets me excited. As a self proclaimed gear junkie, I’m always trying out new products to further refine my equipment and efficiency and have found a few products that make my time fishing and camping more enjoyable. While the following 7 pieces of gear may not be new to you, they are products that I’ve thoroughly tested and rely upon week in and week out for all of my camping and fishing trips and would recommend to any other angler who also enjoys spending nights in the wilderness.


Water Filtration 

Water storage is a major consideration I make when heading out on any camping or fishing adventure. I’ve regularly struggled to find a good balance of carrying enough water to sustain a trip and saving space in my car and backpack while also reducing weight. Recently, I have turned to the Sawyer Products Squeeze Water Filtration System to compliment any water that I bring along with me. This highly compact portable water filtration system can quickly filter 32 oz of water. I have been taking the Sawyer Products Squeeze Water Filtration System with me on hikes to refill water bottles as I fish streams or when I reach a high alpine lake. Simply dip the pouch into a fresh water source, screw on the filter cap, and squeeze for fresh filtered water.

You can continue readig the complete list of pieces of gear that will enhance your camping and fishing trips, written by Evan Garda here:

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