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October 11, 2013  |  Sawyer U  |  First Aid

First Aid Kit Size: How do I choose?

Below are some things to consider when choosing your kit size:

  • Group size. We estimate the number of people a kit is expected to accommodate. Your results, of course, may vary based on trip duration, and frequency of injury.
  • Trip duration. Same thing; consider how long you’ll be away, and find a Sawyer kit that fits your needs. Consider this, always in conjunction with groups size.
  • “Adventure” Specific risks. For Example: If you’re traversing through thick brush, it makes sense to pack extra ointments and bandages to accommodate the higher frequency of bodily abrasions that will inevitably occur. OR If you are traveling to a place with a high tick population, it would be wise to pack a tick remover, etc.
  • Special needs. Does anyone in your group have specific medical issues? Avoid surprises and make sure your kit is equipped to address that person’s needs. Example: Got a bee sting allergy? Make sure you are adequately prepared with the appropriate medications.
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