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December 30, 2020  |  Events  |  Water Filtration

Emergency Water for Guatemalans

Interested in helping provide emergency water filters?

In November, Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota dumped millions of gallons of rain on rural communities in Guatemala, causing massive landslides and unprecedented flooding. Thousands of people have been stranded; houses are submerged, crops destroyed and some roads completely blocked by water. For some villages, there is no way in and no way out, and many Guatemalans are without jobs, shelter, food or clean drinking water. The Covid-19 crisis has prevented response efforts from effectively reaching more isolated regions, and every day the situation grows more dire for Guatemalans in Alto Verapaz.

“The Government of Guatemala maintains a state of calamity in Alta Verapaz and other 9 departments of the country. It is estimated that more than half a million children have been affected by Eta and Iota in Guatemala.”


My name is Jess Race and I am a yoga teacher in Breckenridge Colorado. My goal is to raise enough money to buy 50 Sawyer Water Filters to take with me to Guatemala on January 13. I am in communication with local residents in Antigua who have agreed to assist me in taking these needed supplies to villagers that need them desperately. I know the whole world is experiencing heartache and loss during these times, but to go without clean water to drink is unthinkable.

If you would like to support Jess and her goal, head here to find her donation page:

Provide Clean Water Water Filtration