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October 28, 2019  |  News  |  Water Filtration

CNET: The best filtered water bottles

I put six filtered water bottles to the test at a source of fresh groundwater in Southern California. Paige Thies/CNET

The best filtered water bottles

Don’t let bacteria get the best of you. Find out which filtered water bottles are best for outdoors and tap water.

Every avid outdoors person knows that a good filtered water bottle is an essential piece of adventure gear. Whether you head out on hikes for a few hours or voyage into backcountry wilderness for days at a time, you never want to find yourself thirsty and without access to clean water.

While many sources of tap water and groundwater are perfectly safe, it’s never worth the risk to drink water you aren’t certain about. Even if it looks clean, it could be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, protozoa or other microorganisms invisible to the human eye. And despite the Safe Drinking Water Act, tap water can still contain contaminants such as arsenic, lead, chlorine, pesticides and even particles from malfunctioning wastewater treatment.

Some reasons you may want to invest in a filtered water bottle:

  • You’re unsure about your tap water
  • You travel to other states and countries where you don’t know about water practices
  • You go hiking, backpacking or on other outdoor adventures
  • You prefer bottled water but want to reduce your plastic consumption

To that end, I tested six filtered water bottles to find out which ones you can trust to provide you with clean, safe drinking water, indoors or out.

See the full article by Amanda Capritto on CNET’s website here:

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