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July 16, 2019  |  News  |  Water Filtration

CNET: 7 Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Back view of woman pulling her luggage strolling inside the airport terminal

Francesco Carta/Getty Images

7 Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation

With these products, you can say goodbye to swollen ankles and jet lag.

Goodbye, office; hello, Bahamas — or wherever your vacation time takes you. You’ve mapped your route, booked your plane ticket and written your itinerary. Now it’s time to pack.

I’m sure you won’t forget the essentials: sunscreen, snacks, water, toiletries, a first aid kit and weather-appropriate outfits for wherever you’re headed. But before you jet, drive or float off, consider adding any of these seven travel-ready gadgets to help you stay healthy on vacation.

See the full list by Amanda Capritto on CNET’s website here:

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