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May 18, 2021  |  Reviews  |  Insect Repellents

BuzzFeed: 35 Outdoor Products For Anyone Who Wants To Get Outside More

35 Outdoor Products For Anyone Who Wants To Get Outside More

Whether you hike, walk, skate, play games, or just like to relax in a cozy lounge chair in the shade, these products will take any time you spend outside up a notch.


16. Insect repellent made with Picaridin instead of DEET, which means it works to repel biting flies as well as mosquitos — as well as ticks, chiggers, and gnats.

Promising review: “I live near rice fields, which means mosquitoes all day, every day, 10 months of the year. I was really disappointed with DEET products: most are aerosols, and they quit spraying while you have about half the product left in the can. I found this product from the Consumer Reports review and decided to try it. It is VERY effective. When I use this, I don’t even see mosquitoes in my vicinity! It has a light scent that fades within 20 minutes, but keeps working for hours. I walk my dogs two to three times per day, and most other products are pretty effective, but I will notice that clouds of mosquitoes following me, especially after a long walk (they are attracted to the CO2 you exhale). Not so with this: mosquitoes keep their distance. This is also long lasting — I spray it once and don’t need to reapply for up to 7 hours.” —L. Bradford

You can buy it in sixteen different sizes and applications from Amazon, like two bottles of spray for $13.40 (that’s $6.70 each).

Interested in checking out the entire list written by Natalie Brown? You’ve got it here:

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