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June 17, 2021  |  Featured  |  Insect Repellents

BuzzFeed: 17 Father’s Day Gifts That Your Dad Will Actually Use

17 Father’s Day Gifts That Your Dad Will Actually Use

Sphere ice molds, sleek razors, and more cool gifts your dad will use all the time.

1. A set of large sphere ice molds so your dad can sip on a cocktail in the most efficient way possible, according to physics. Since spheres have the lowest surface area per unit volume, they melt more slowly so you can sip your cooled drink over an extended period of time without having it watered down. This also helps release the liquor’s aromas and subdued tones from the water to reveal their full characteristics.

2. This set of two whiskey glasses with a chrome rim that pay homage to the ’50s and ’60s classic roly poly glass, designed by well-known modernist artist Dorothy Thorpe.

3. A shaving razor christened “the Cadillac of razors” by Queen Lori herself on Shark Tank. It has three custom shave settings, so they can achieve a great shave without ingrown hairs and irritation.


17. And this Picaridin-based repellent to equip your dad with a trusty bug spray that’ll protect against nasty bites from bugs like mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, chiggers, and more.

Continuing reading the complete list of Father’s day gift suggestions by Caleb Chin:

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