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July 27, 2021  |  Featured  |  Insect Repellents

Bustle: The 8 Best Bug Repellents For Camping

The 8 Best Bug Repellents For Camping

Written by By Andrea Hannah

Between the ticks, gnats, and mosquitos, insects can seriously ruin an otherwise relaxing camping trip. The best bug repellents for camping keep bugs at bay when you’re outdoors, and they come in a bunch of different styles and protect against a wide range of bugs, depending on which one you choose. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop.

First things first, consider whether you’re looking for a skin-applied repellent, or a wearable or candle. Skin-applied repellents tend to protect better against most bugs, but each has a place in a camper’s bug-fighting arsenal. If you go with a spray or lotion, you want to consider the ingredients before you buy.

DEET vs. Picaridin vs. Lemon Eucalyptus

Some of the most effective bug repellents use either DEET, picaridin, or lemon eucalpytus in the formula. While historically some people have chosen to avoid DEET, it is safe when used as directed, according to Consumer Reports and the CDC. But, I’ve also included a high-quality plant-based repellent that uses lemon eucalyptus, which has been proven to repel mosquitos when independently tested, if you’d prefer to avoid chemicals altogether.

If you’re shopping for children, keep in mind, no insect repellent is recommended for children under the age of two months, and lemon eucalyptus oil is only recommended for children over the age of three years. There are non-skin-applied solutions on this list, like a kid-friendly wearable that campers love, which has less research to support its effectiveness, but can be useful for younger crowds.

Interested in learning more about the best bug repellents when camping? You can find the complete article written by Andrea Hannah here:

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