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December 18, 2020  |  Featured  |  Water Filtration

BGR: Ditch Brita pitchers forever with this brilliant $40 faucet filter from Amazon

The TAP water filter by Sawyer, which filters water straight from any faucet. Image source: Sawyer/Amazon

Ditch Brita pitchers forever with this brilliant $40 faucet filter from Amazon

  • Want to ditch your Brita pitchers and never have to wait to drink filtered water again?
  • Definitely check out the new Sawyer TAP Water Filter, which attaches to any threaded faucet and filters water as it’s dispensed.
  • The LifeStraw portable water filter for hiking and camping is a best-seller, but most people are unaware that they can get a similar product for home use.

LifeStraw’s portable water filter is one of the most popular products on Amazon ahead of the holidays each year, and it’s still on sale right now at Black Friday’s discounted price. Using this great portable filter, you can turn just about any water you come across into potable water that’s safe and refreshing. It’s basically a portable Brita filter! But speaking of Brita filters, so many people use the company’s popular pitchers at home so they can drink tap water without worrying about all the contaminants. But what if we told you there’s a much better way and you’ll never have to wait for your water to filter again? You definitely need to check out the brand new TAP Water Filter from Sawyer, which is available right now at Amazon for just $39.95.

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