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March 26, 2020  |  Tips & Guides  |  Water Filtration

Best Cheap Backpacking Gear of 2020 from Bearfoot Theory


When I first started this blog in 2014, backpacking was one of the ways that I became immersed in the outdoor world. Each backpacking trip I went on pushed me to grow beyond my comfort zone, and I always came back with a greater perspective. I believe that these experiences in the outdoors should be accessible for all people, regardless of who you are and where you come from. So, I’ve asked people over the years what obstacles stand in their way of getting outside more. And, many of the answers I received revolved around one thing: money. I get it, money is a real and necessary part of our society, but I don’t want it to stop you from exploring public lands and beautiful places.

So, in this blog post, I rounded up the best cheap backpacking gear for tight budgets to help you acquire the necessary gear you need to stay safe and feel comfortable without breaking the bank.

While there are certain items necessary to stay safe and comfortable on a backpacking trip, it’s not necessary to buy the newest, most high-tech outdoor gear on the market. Down below, I’ll share my top suggestions for inexpensive, quality backpacking gear, plus what to look for when shopping for the best cheap backpacking gear. If after going through this list of cheap backpacking gear, you want to shop around more, check out this blog post where we share a number of discount outdoor gear shops where you can score amazing deals.

Check out the full guide from Kristen Bor on Bearfoot Theory’s website here:

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