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December 6, 2018  |  News  |  Insect Repellents PUBLISHER’S GEAR GUIDE (2018-2019)

This gear guide represents my personal recommendations for backpacking gear that is durable, lightweight, versatile and offers a very high level of performance for the cost.

This Gear Guide is for:

  • Backpackers who want reliable gear that’s been tested and proven.
  • Backpackers who want to share this gear guide with people who buy them gifts for the holidays, birthdays, etc. Or heck, this could be your wedding registry!
  • Friends and family members of backpackers looking for some gift ideas that aren’t hacked together by an unknowing journalist, or by a publisher receiving paid placements from manufacturers looking for advertising spots.

Head on over to to read Ryan Jordan’s 2018-2019 Publisher’s Gear Guide! 

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