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July 20, 2021  |  Featured  |  Water Filtration

Backpacking Routes: Uinta Highline Out and Back Gear

Uinta Highline Out and Back Gear

The Uinta Highline Trail is a 104-mile high-elevation route that follows the Uinta Mountains. It is a rare mountain range that travels east-west as opposed to the majority of ranges, which span north-south. Because of the logistics of car shuttles, distance, and the ability of food I knew I could carry, I simply decided to do the route as an out and back (some call it a yo-yo). This is the gear I took on the 5-day backpacking trip.

LiteAF Tiger Backpack

This pack has become a staple of my gear. It has survived carrying a cast-iron skillet, up to nine days of food, and a number of FKTs. I simply don’t feel secure without it. The custom Dyneema Composite Fiber printing capabilities are something special that LiteAF is able to offer.

Six Moon Designs Deschutes Plus Tent

The Deschutes Plus is a lightweight tarp with enough coverage against the outside world that the mosquitoes couldn’t get in. I paired this with a piece of Tyvek.


Sawyer Squeeze

The Sawyer Squeeze has been a part of nearly every hike I have taken since my first thru-hike in 2011. It is simple, reliable, and I usually use it on top of a standard water bottle as opposed to bringing the pouches.

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