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November 18, 2020  |  Reviews  |  Water Filtration

Average Hiker: Sawyer Water Filter Review

Sawyer Water Filter Review | Average Hiker

The Sawyer Water Filter Review describes a filter that is easy to use, reliable, and durable. After a lot of research, I decided to use this filter on my 2020 Colorado Trail hike.

Sawyer makes the Sawyer Squeeze and the Sawyer Mini.  The Sawyer Mini is a lighter filter, but I need a durable filter that is not prone to clogging like the Sawyer Mini Filter.  The Sawyer Squeeze is only one ounce more than the Mini.


Sawyer Water Filter Review – My Requirements

  • Bacteria & Protozoa Removal – I am not too concerned about virus removal since I mostly backpack and hike in the US.  If this changes, then I will look at alternatives like pump filters or chemical treatments.
  • Ease of Use – When I filter, I do not want a lot of moving parts like hoses, batteries, canisters, etc.
  • Light Weight – Weight is essential.  Filters and treatments are not that heavy, but a few extra ounces here and there eventually add up to a few extra pounds.

Sawyer Water Filter Review – Quick Specifications

  • Filter Material – Hollow Fiber
  • Weight – 3 oz
  • Removes – Bacteria, Protozoa, E. Coli, Giardia, Vibrio Cholera, Salmonella typhi, Microplastics

Read the Average Hiker’s complete review of the Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter here:

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