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May 27, 2020  |  Tips & Guides  |  Insect Repellents

Anyone’s Hunt: Shed Hunting With Steven Drake from OnX

Anyone’s Hunt: Shed Hunting With Steven Drake from OnX

Based in Montana, professional hunting photographer and onX ambassador Steven Drake spends many of his spring days crawling the mountains of Montana hunting for sheds. That dedication made him the perfect expert to talk about shed hunting in our latest film, “Anyone’s Hunt: Shed Hunting.”

While Steven shares many of his tips and tricks in the film itself, we asked him to talk a bit about his process in his own words.

And so, from Steven Drake:

Searching for elk sheds in the springtime is a great opportunity to get outside after a long winter, get in shape and continue your 365-day / year hunting pursuit.

In addition to finding antlers, while shed hunting I’m able to learn new hunting areas and identify the type and quality of game animals that live in certain zones. This information transfers over extremely well to fall hunting seasons. Many of the game animals I’ve harvested in the fall have been a result of what I’ve learned during spring shed season.

I share many tips and tricks on shed hunting in the “Anyone’s Hunt: Shed Hunting” film.

Head on over to onX’s website to read the full article here:

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