Paul Clark

About Me:

Paul Clark is the “duffle bag paddle boarder,” focused on bringing Stand Up Paddle-boarding (SUP) to remote rivers and backcountry destinations. 

He has thru-hikes the PCT and has established the record for fastest descent of the 1000-mile Baja coast of the Sea of Cortez by kayaking it within 28 days. He has been a guide on the water and mountains, Outward Bound instructor, and professional ski patroller. 

Now as a SUP athlete and brand ambassador, Paul promotes self-contained multi-day adventures standup paddling. 

Favorite Sawyer Product and Why:

Sawyer Mini: “The Mini. It’s very easy to have enough water on solo trips with this little guy. I wear it in-line with a hydration system or just put it in my PFD pocket for easy use sipping directly from the river.”

Favorite Outdoor Location:

Any remote river in the West, but especially the Lower Deschutes in Central Oregon..”

One Piece of Advice or Something You’ve Learned Spending So Much Time Outdoors:

You have to be confident, but humble. You have to know your gear well before using it in the field. And you have to have honest expectations of your abilities.”


Name: Paul Clark

Facebook link:

Twitter Handle: @suppaulclark


Instagram:  @suppaul_pics

Hometown: Bend, Oregon