Patrice and Justin La Vigne

 About Us:

Patrice and Justin pride themselves on living a “life less ordinary.” Collectively, they have logged more than 12,000 trail miles across the United States and internationally. They have explored 35 of the national parks and hit 36 of the state high points (Denali is next!). They are Leave No Trace Master Educators, Wilderness First Responders, speakers, gear testers and writers. When they are not exploring the backcountry, they are professional nomads, working here, there and everywhere in the outdoor and hospitality industries, especially on off-the-grid properties.

Favorite Sawyer Product and Why:

Patrice – “Sunblock With Insect Repellent – I love cutting weight when we can, so on trips where we know we will see a lot of sun and pesky bloodsuckers, this lightweight product kills 2 birds with one stone!”

Justin – “Of course I love the Sawyer Mini, but what I love more is the Fast Fill Hydration Adaptor that allows you filter water directly through your drinking tube into your bladder without opening your backpack.”

Favorite Outdoor Location:

“Wherever we are at the moment we are asked! Although if we had to pick, the South Island of New Zealand (specifically Nelson Lakes National Park) is the bomb.”

One Piece of Advice or Something You’ve Learned Spending So Much Time Outdoors:

“Leave no trace so everyone can enjoy nature’s bounty for generations to come. Simple practices like packing in, packing out, burying your poop, respecting wildlife, etc., can go a long way and we all need to try a little harder in protecting our playground.”

Name: Patrice and Justin La Vigne

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Youtube Channel: Wandering La Vignes

Hometown: Everywhere, USA (We are very nomadic, but use Denver, CO, as our permanent address)