Jake Wilcox

Hometown:  Burbank, Washington, USA


With over 5 years exploring the globe, Jake has completed numerous expeditions/ volunteer work. He specializes in long distance, non-motorized journeys. Some of his trips include:

-Crossing North America (2014)
-Volunteer Haiti (3months/2014)
-Trekked to the Arctic Circle solo (2015)
-Walked across Spain (2015)
-Climbed Mt Rainier solo (2016)
-Volunteer Firefighter (2015/2016)

2x world record holder:
*Swam Hells Canyon- 2015
*Crossed South America- 2016

Founder of the ambitious project Venture500: 50 expeditions of 500+ miles while crossing every continent without motorized support.

Venture500 focuses on global sustainability and the impact of human interference. Through expeditions- Jake has been able to raise funds, giving back to different charities and educating along the way.

In doing so, Jake hopes to help inspire and motivate people to live a more healthy, active, and outdoor lifestyle.
Once complete, the total distance traveled will be 25,000+ miles. Making it a non-motorized series of voyages, spanning the globe at a distance equal to circumnavigating the earth around the equator.

Completed: 16/50
Total Distance: 15,446 Miles

Favorite Sawyer Product and Why:

Hands down the most versatile & effective piece of gear I take with me. Lightweight, inexpensive, and last a very long time! I don’t leave home without one.

Favorite Outdoor Location:

Iceland- Beautiful country, amazing people, green government, and tons of Viking history.

One Piece of Advice or Something You've Learned Spending So Much Time Outdoors:

Adventure and exploring is only a state of mind. Whether you take a month long world trips or take the kids on an afternoon bike trip around the block. Never loose your sense of wonder. It’s also very important to get outdoors, get active and get that fresh air. With our modern lives, it becomes very easy to get comfortable and not go outside. But going outside does something for our species that nothing else can.