Heather “Anish” Anderson

Hometown:  Perrinton, MI


Heather, known as Anish on trails, completed her “Triple Crown” of Backpacking in 2006 at the age of 25. She completed the 2,100 mi long Appalachian Trail in 2003, the 2,600 mi long Pacific Crest Trail in 2005, and the ~2,600 mi long Continental Divide Trail in 2006. She subsequently took up ultra-marathon running, completing six 100 mile races since August 2011 as well as dozens of 50k and 50 mi events. She is well known for setting the overall self-supported speed record on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013 (60 days, 17 hours, 12 min), breaking the previous record by four days.

Favorite Sawyer Product and Why:

Sawyer Mini. It’s simple, light, and perfect for running and hiking adventures of any length.

Favorite Outdoor Location:

Any place wild.

One Piece of Advice or Something You've Learned Spending So Much Time Outdoors:

There is beauty in every landscape.