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  • “I highly recommend the Sawyer Squeeze Filter system.  It’s fast and efficient.  No chemicals.”
    Jackie McDonnellYogi’s Hiking Guides,
  • "For me though, I was a huge fan of chemicals for quite a while, but decided to give the Squeeze a try, and once I did, I have been hooked. Now, the Squeeze is my method of choice when it comes to water treatment; however, it looks like the Squeeze has been knocked out of its place in exchange for the Mini!"
    Chad PoindexterStick’s,
  • "I’ve been using their Squeeze Filter/Personal Water Bottle Filter for over a year now for climbing, summer ski mountaineering, backpacking, and trail running and have been very pleased so far. These have now been the only two filters that have come with me since last summer 2012."
    Nick TrauxOn The Mountain,
  • “When all things are considered, the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System is simply the best overall lightweight filter on the market whether for lightweight backpackers or anyone looking for an inexpensive, lightweight and effective water filter in a very reasonably-sized package.”
    JamesJolly Green Giant,
  • “I think you can sum up my Sawyer Mini Water Filter Review as this: buy it and you won’t look back.” -
    Bryan Hansel
  • “That little filter is champ. I love it!” -
    Whitney “Allgood” La Ruffa
  • “I just got back from 2 weekends backpacking using the Mini. I LOVE IT!” -
    Christy Rosander aka Lady on a Rock
  • “Start With One is so very proud to be using Sawyer water filters to change the world.”
    Start With One Kenya (Twitter)
  • “Sawyer Squeeze Bag Filters that keep us healthy in the backcountry are doing great things around the world.”
    Get Out More Tour (Twitter)
  • “Sawyer Products, been using your filters since I first saw them. Your company’s friendliness just shows me I chose well.”
    Ian Rider (Twitter)
  • “Hike smart this summer: staying hydrated is essential. Check out Sawyer Products Squeeze Filter for all your drinking needs on trail.”
    Get Out More (Twitter)
  • “Don’t let pesky insects keep you indoors this summer.  Treat clothes and gear with Sawyer Products Permethrin Insect Repellent #getoutmore”
    Get Out More (Twitter)
  • “Sawyer Products wins Best Buy award in our backpacking water filter review.”
    Outdoor Gear Lab (Twitter)
  • “Sawyer Products Squeeze Filters have changed the game in the world of versatile and effective water filtration for our backcountry needs.”
    Get Out More Tour (Twitter)
  • “Sawyer Products Permethrin Treatments offer a fantastic alternative to chemicals on your skin. Treat clothes, tents, and packs instead.”
    Get Out More Tour (Twitter)
  • “It is so good to support a company that does such good work.  I love my Sawyer filter, and I tell people all the time to get one.”
    Eric Hudgens (Twitter)
  • “Sawyer Products: I don’t know why I didn’t buy this earlier and ditch the pump filter. This filter is great. Thanks.”
    Mickey Hollingsworth (Twitter)
  • “Researched many water filtration systems, going with Sawyer Products. It’s quick, simple, effective, and compact.”
    Arms Post (Twitter)
  • “Sawyer filters don’t have to be replaced like so many others- just backwash it and it’s new again! Genius design.”
    Arms Post (Twitter)
  • “MAP uses Sawyer Products that provide up to 540 gallons of clean water per day!”
    MAP International (Twitter)
  • “It’s amazing how one Sawyer water filter can change lives in Abala, Uganda. Clean water provides hope!”
    MAP International (Twitter)
  • “The health of families in #Ecuador is improving thanks to #cleanwater provided by Sawyer Products.”
    MAP International (Twitter)
  • “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink (without using my Sawyer Products first).”
    Victor Maisano
  • “Filter water easily with the lightweight and simple Sawyer Squeeze.”
    ITS Tactical (Twitter)
  • “Saw it at #ORShow last week, a lot smaller and lighter! Looks great, excited to start carrying Sawyer Products in my store.”
    The Gear House (Twitter)
  • “I love it when upstarts pull the lid off a market and say, “this shouldn’t be complicated or expensive.” Saywer Products is the latest.”
    Joe Bancks
  • “My new Sawyer Mini filter is here. They got the “mini” right.”
    Kudzu (Twitter)
  • “First backpack trip with Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System- lovin it #nevergoingtopumpagain.”
    Patti Yarbrough (Twitter)
  • “Thank you Sawyer for helping us to provide clean water.”
    MAP International (Twitter)
  • “Lightweight-check. Easy to use-check. Tiny to pack- check. The Sawyer Products Squeeze is one of our favorite filters.”
    Backpacker Magazine (Twitter)
  • “Sawyer Mini water filter, filtering up to 100,000 gallons of water! Awesome!” (Twitter)
  • “My #1 filter is a Sawyer Products 3-way inline #survivalist #prepper #preparedness”
    Qollector (Twitter)
  • “Sawyer Products are already saving lives in the third world.  Great company!! ☺”
    Matt (Twitter)
  • “Sawyer Products, great piece of kit. Clean, efficient, robust, and lightweight."
    Stuart Smith (Twitter)
  • “Sawyer Products, your products give us the tools to help thousands of people.  Thanks for being on the ground with us in the #Philippines.”
    Ugandan Water Project (Twitter)
  • “These Sawyer Products water filters are amazing.  Up to a million gallons guaranteed means you could pass them down to your children. #Prepping”
    The Preppers Vault (Twitter)
  • “I have got to get one of the Sawyer Products Mini Filtration kits or the Squeeze Pack.  Would be awesome for hunting!”
    Al Quackenbush (Twitter)
  • “Thank you Sawyer for an outstanding water filtration system. We took 20 filters with us to Haiti to provide clean drinking water for a school with 400 children as well as for several families in the community. Easy to travel with, easy to install, easy to explain, easy to maintain. You are saving lives every day in addition to improving the quality of life for many, many people. Well done!”
    Pete Ward (Facebook)
  • “I'm using a Sawyer Squeeze for 800 miles across Arizona this month. It's doing an awesome job!”
    Hiking Dude (Facebook)
  • “Thank you Sawyer! Your amazing water filter helped make a difference in this family in a rural village of the Philippines.”
    Bill Wilkinson (Facebook)
  • “ I have taken and used Sawyers Point One Filters to Africa and South America with great life changing success.”
    George Tockmakis (Facebook)
  • “These are the best water filters for hiking and paddling.”
    Donna Smith (Facebook)
  • “The Point One - All in One Filter works great! Everyone should have one in their pack.”
    Beth Bittel (Facebook)
  • "These squeeze filters are the best. We used it in Nepal and had no problems what so ever."
    Cara Valentino (Facebook)
  • “I spent 10 days in Nicaragua installing 3 HFM filters and handing out over 50 of these bucket filters to a small village who had no other access to clean water. Keep up the good work Sawyer!”
    Tim Yoder (Facebook)
  • “We just got back from Bondo, Kenya, where we distributed 60 water Sawyer filters. All of these people get their water from Lake Victoria. They now have clean drinking water that will help to alleviate many of the common diseases and sickness they get from the drinking the dirty water. We will be going back in May to bring more filters to this area.”
    Just One Africa (Facebook)
  • “We installed a few of the filters into 55 gallon drums for the farm workers and children at the orphanage we were helping. The children were pretty excited about the clean water.”
    Just One Africa (Facebook)
  • “Just got my new Sawyer Products Squeeze filter system in. This will come in handy this spring on some of the overnights.”
    Jordan Schwartz (Facebook)
  • “I just finished treating our Turkey hunting Vests and clothes with this AWESOME product! I wouldn't dare enter the woods in Alabama without it! We found this product last year and I haven't had one tick or chigger (red bug) since! Thank you Sawyer for such an Awesome product! We also use the mosquito repellent! It's the BEST!”
    Darlyn Smith Mims (Facebook)
  • “So honored to partner with Sawyer Products to get these amazing filters into the hands of the people that need them the most.”
    Doc Hendley (Wine to Water) (Facebook)
  • “If you hike, backpack, camp, travel internationally, or do anything where you need clean water, you need one of their products!”
    Richard Welch (Ugandan Water Project) (Facebook)
  • “Thank you so much Sawyer Products!!!! We had an amazing trip with PACIFIC BIODIVERSITY INSTITUTE in my beautiful country: Argentina!!! water filters, repellents and sunscreens were a success!!!!!!”
    Lucila Castro (Facebook)
  • “We used Sawyer water filters, bug spray and sun screen on our 2013 expeditions into the BIG WILD of northern Argentina. They were tremendous and functioned perfectly. We needed all of these items at various times and they all performed excellently!”
    Peter Morrison (Facebook)
  • “We live in Indonesia and all our water is filtered through the Sawyer bucket filter! We've used it to filter water every day for 7 months and it's still working great! Thank you for a great product!”
    Claussen Ministries (Facebook)
  • “Thanks Sawyer for an awesome tick repellent and all the other products you make.”
    Mystic Rivers Outdoor Show (Facebook)
  • “Thanks to Sawyer my turkey hunt was tick- and insect-free Thanks for making such a great product. A+++”
    Mystic Rivers Outdoor Show (Facebook)
  • “I wanted to capture the pure sensationalism of the sweet Sawyer products that we used on our last boating adventure on the Susquehanna River! Thanks Sawyer for making great products that kept us safe from the sun and satisfied our thirst! #Sawyer #SummerPhotoContest”
    Tyler Wenger (Facebook)
  • “A rainstorm provided a perfect opportunity to demonstrate just how effective the Sawyer filter is. While the locals thought we were nuts for drinking the once very muddy water, they were also very impressed!”
    Impact Nations (Facebook)
  • “Before we go fishing we put on Sawyer Repellent. It keeps the flies and mosquitoes from biting and we have more fun.”
    Face 2 Face Outdoors (Facebook)
  • “We've placed 60 simple bucket systems, with the Sawyer filter, in three trial communities in the Peruvian Amazon. This could be the breakthrough we've been looking for of convenience, affordability, and ease of use for people living in the rainforest.”
    Nancy Cowal (Conapac) (Facebook)
  • “Just tested one of the best water filters I've ever used. It's light, inexpensive, effective, and guaranteed to pump over 1 million gallons.”
    Dave Collins (Clever Hiker) (Facebook)
  • “Used while hiking in northern Quebec. The Sawyer filter is a great product. I love it!”
    Yves Charland (Facebook)
  • “Thank you Sawyer for the partnership! We distributed 50 filters on our last trip to Lira, Uganda. These filters were a great blessing to the people who received them.”
    Designs for Hope (Facebook)
  • “6 miles in the Colorado backcountry. Sawyer made it easy! Thanks!!”
    Mark Mortensen (Facebook)
  • “Like the products. Just bought the Squeeze system for the JMT next year. Have used the 2 ltr. bag to bag on my last trek on the JMT 2 years ago. Thank you for your work in the third world.”
    Don Roberts (Facebook)
  • “Awesome products!!!! Won’t leave home without them!!!!”
    Bicycle Man (Facebook)
  • “This trip saw the delivery of our 200th water filter! According to our best estimates, these filters have touched the lives of 1500+ people from Guatemala to Peru, including families, schools, and multiple churches!! As usual, all families were trained on how to assemble, operate, and maintain their filters along with the basics of proper hygiene to help keep them healthy. We had the added blessing of delivering a filter to the local elementary school of 200+ students! Now the students and teachers will have clean, healthy water to drink year round! What a blessing it was to see these children drinking clean water on a hot afternoon! Our vision is to use the church to strengthen the community both physically and spiritually and this was another step towards seeing that come to fulfillment!”
    The Answer is Love Ministries – Peru
  • “With the help of Disaster Aid Canada we were able to bring in 12 of your Point Zero Two Systems.   We brought the kits from Victoria with us along with other aid into Dalla Township in Burma.  We bought the buckets in the plastic market in Yangon and hired porters to take them to the village.  Here are some photographs of us setting up the systems and giving them away. You have no idea of what a blessing this was for this village:   We set up this system at the beginning of Feb. We also had the instructions translated and printed up in Burmese.  We are going back again next year with more aid.  They are very poor and much of the area drinks water from ponds and ditches they dig by hand to collect the water from the rainy season.   17 children live in this wooden shack.” –Stephen Fortner
    Stephen Fortner/Disaster Aid Canada
  • "I am glad to report of the water filter distribution that we carried out late last month in Mautuma School. Most of the people here get their water from wells, while there are some who also go to fetch water from the river for domestic use. We were here to distribute water filters to some 209 families of our Mautuma school pupils including the school staff. At first the parents seemed not to be so much excited about the equipments. The reason they came to confess to me later was that they had once received some type of water filters from a certain organization but had stopped using them. The filters they were given could only filter a small amount of water after a length of time. When they saw the speed the Sawyer water filter was filtering water, the packed room went into ecstasy, and the different exclamations could be summarized as, “This is it!” The water filters were joyfully received."
    International Childcare Ministries – Kenya
  • “Water For Madre, a non-profit grass roots organization based in Kansas City, MO, has begun working with the people of Santa Maria Madre de Los Pobres in San Salvador, El Salvador to bring clean, healthy water to families in desperate need.  We are proud of these 10 families receiving their Sawyer water filters, training, health checks, and other materials necessary for success. ... We are starting out strong and won't stop until all families have "Healthy Water - Happy Kids".”
    Water for Madre – El Salvador
  • “I use the Sawyer water filtration system for personal use and for my hiking business, Blue Ridge Hiking Company. The Sawyer filter is lightweight, easy, and fast. I love that it weighs less than a traditional filter, and provides clean water without the use of chemicals. It was especially important to me to have a high quality filter this summer when I hiked 600-miles through the Spanish Pyrenees during my second trimester of pregnancy! Baby and I want to give a huge THANK YOU to the folks at Sawyer for making such a great product and contributing to clean water projects around the world.” -
    Jennifer Pharr Davis